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I think it would be great if you focus on negative splitting this race despite the “assertive” pace. At the end of the day, each course and weather conditions will determine our final time. Our goal is to execute the best possible race within our current form/fitness.

I do think my vDot is a good snapshot of where I am right now. I also have significant experience using my heart rate to race. I will set my race parameters using both of those metrics.

I typically like to pace a half marathon as follows:

0 – 3.1 miles is about settling into the race. I may be a touch slower than my goal pace.
3.1 – 10 miles is about doing the work. Running at race pace and ticking off the miles
10 – 13.1 miles I focus on lifting my effort, finishing strong, and emptying my tank at faster than race pace.

I will be using walk breaks to hydrate and fuel too.

I know you are fit right now. I would love to see you finish this one strong by holding back a bit in the beginning! No easy way.

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