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I have tried Zwifting with the treadmill a few times. I’m reasonably happy with it. Since the treadmill talks to zwift on its own, I don’t see much need for the Runn Smart. As far as I can tell it would just give me more speed accuracy. The difference would be most significant for speedwork, since the treadmill is pretty slow to ramp up and ramp down speed, but Zwift sees an instantaneous change in speed. Since we’re emphasizing pacing our workouts by feel rather than relying on specific numbers, and I have a monogamous relationship with this treadmill, I don’t feel much need for more accuracy. I haven’t tried using my forerunner 245 virtual run mode to transmit to Zwift instead. My experience with using a Garmin on a treadmill is it’s not just less accurate, but also less precise – I can probably appear to be running faster by running with a higher cadence. Maybe I should just take advantage of that incentive to work on cadence!

Do you know of anyone who has run with a stryd power meter?