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February 16, 2020

Oh the weather outside is frightful! No G9 tomorrow as the roads and windchill will be dangerous plus G9 will most likely be unplowed.

You could wait until later in the day to roll this session or do it on a treadmill if you have it. If neither option is available, consider stair repeats in your house or going for a snowy hike later in the day. If you have a bike on your turbo, you can roll one of the workouts below. Lots of options. No easy way!

If you are outdoors:
10x (30” Build to fast/60” Easy)

If you are on a treadmill:
10x (30” Fast at 3-6% Grade/Step off and rest on the rails for 30”). Finish with 5’ flat and fast. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SAFETY STRAP.