G9 10K Results

Another great race and turnout! So cool how many of you have committed to this series of races. Today required some counting, lots of G9 hills, and an appreciation for running the tangents. I am glad we had some warmer temps too. Shout out to Jan for bringing the tables for our aid stations. Congrats to Teresa Kase for the overall win for our age-graded race. Kudos to Tim Shier for his blistering 10K actual time and Lindsay Feske for winning the women’s actual time.

We had some PR’s today on a challenging course. Well done! So proud of everyone for doing the work and showing up to race. During a Pandemic, you have every reason to stay home and do your best to just be. However, each of you have chosen the path to find a challenge and be better. I know it is hard, and I admire each and everyone of you for putting in the effort and the work. I love the Lily Tomlin quote, “We are all in this alone.” G9 on Tuesdays and Thursdays reminds me that for a brief period of time, I am not alone.

No easy way!

***Reminder our race was longer than 10K!

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