Rules of the Road

Facts: G9 Running Crew

The Gate 9 Running Crew meets at 6:10am on Tuesday and Thursdays at the Gate 9 Purple Lot. All members are vaxxed. The entrance is on N Dunn St. near the Bypass. Our route is a half mile loop that allows all members (walkers to elite runners) to support each other during our training. Membership is not required to participate. If you want access to the forum for questions about training and our library, please consider Becoming a Member today! Login here. No Easy Way!

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Where we meet:

Training Zone Guide:

Identifying your target zone.

Personal Health: 

Before you begin your training, please contact your physician to do the following:

  1. Physical Exam
  2. Blood tests to check Lipid Panel (cholesterol), Thyroid Panel, CBC (red/white blood cell panels), Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Iron/ferritin panel, optional DEXA Scan for body composition profile, and Testosterone (yes, even for women).

Remember to check our Forum for lots of helpful info!