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It still takes multiple weeks to a month to get a treadmill, and I guess as winter approaches and covid19 doesn’t recede that’s going to get worse, so I’m going with a Sole rather than waiting to discover some hidden gem that probably doesn’t exist. I have committed to using it at least 52 times in the coming year to justify the space and expense. I think it will really help me get into a healthier pattern of running short more often instead of feeling like I have to go at least 6 miles every time I succeed in getting out the door.

I definitely hope to get going with Zwift at least for biking. I’ve been nervous about dropping a bunch of money on equipment and subscription without being sure if I’m getting the stuff that will really work. I think I’m getting there. I seem to have a mental block against making the effort to figure out how to make my TV work for entertainment, so I’m suspicious that Roku TV may be beyond my abilities. There was a thing I wanted to watch a few weeks ago, but I missed it. Baby steps.