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To follow up, it seems like the latest Sole F63, F65, F80 and F85 treadmills all have bluetooth that makes connecting to zwift very easy. Also TIL several of the latest garmin watches, including the FR 245 have a “virtual run” mode that enables connecting to zwift by bluetooth. I haven’t tried that yet but it would be one option for including cadence in my zwift strava data.

Buying stuff from Dicks is a really unpleasant experience, but it seemed to be quicker than buying directly from Sole. Dicks offers in-home installation. Sole has discontinued in-home installation due to covid. The shipping company and Dicks disagreed about who was responsible for providing someone to do the in-home installation and apparently it’s not easy to come up with someone who is qualified. I’m not sure they succeeded. It took the guys a while to put the treadmill together. At one point they asked me for a shim because they didn’t realize that these things pretty much always have some adjustment knobs to compensate for uneven floors. Leo found a screw that was totally loose. I’m not sure if having them do the installation was the right choice, but it hasn’t fallen apart yet.