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Great job on the 25 days! I am sorry to hear about your ITB. If you look in the forum, there is a nice thread on some stretches that may be helpful.

When considering new shoes, I only have two criteria; heel-toe drop between 8mm and 10mm (I have been prone to calf/Achilles issues with “flatter” shoes) and comfort. I do overpronate and I have one leg longer than the other (not uncommon). I find my body stays healthy with a neutral shoe rather than a stability shoe to correct overpronation.

If you are okay with the Covid risk, I would go to the running store you trust and try on lots of shoes. Before you do, ask for a great pair of running socks that you like. This can help dial in the right fit. Find a shoe that fits great and jump on their treadmill to check the feel. If you can find one that fits well without an insert, then that may be the right shoe for you.

Dave Jewell is a shoe expert whose advice has helped me during my career. He just published a list of his favorite shoes from this year. I am giving the New Balance 1080 a try this week as it should last more miles than I am getting out of my current shoe. Hope that helps.

Anyone else on the team with advice?