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Sorry about the IT band issues. About the time I started running at Gate 9, my running frequency, intensity, and duration all ramped way up very fast. Probably because of this, a few months later I developed pretty debilitating IT band syndrome. I started running less and stretching more, and about 2 or 3 months later I felt 100% again and haven’t had any issues since. I was later told by a running friend that you should only ramp up one aspect of your running at a time: frequency, intensity, or duration.

As far as shoes go, I don’t have any expert knowledge, but here’s what I’ve found I like: When I had IT band issues, I tried inserts in my shoes and hated them and have never gone back. I like lighter-weight running shoes with not a ton of drop… I seem to prefer between 4 and 9 mm. I’ve tried out maybe 8 or 10 pairs of running shoes over the past couple years, and I’ve settled on Saucony Kinvaras and Hoka Rincons as my go-to shoes. The Rincons are very light-weight but also not very durable. The Kinvaras are slightly heavier but hold up better for more miles. The Kinvaras are very comfortable on my feet and almost feel a little bit like slippers to me. That being said, running shoe preference seems to be very individualistic and what one person hates another person maybe loves.

I hope that helps!