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      Hey G9 Crew friends,
      I want you to know that I was diagnosed with oral cancer last week, moderately differentiated squamous carcinoma. It’s medium grade. I’ll be treated at Centa in Carmel and will be meeting with them next week. There will be a PET scan soon and at some point a surgery to remove the rest of it. Additionally, I fractured an ankle bone on a run a few days before my diagnosis. That said, I plan to run as soon as I get the OK from the bone doc – maybe 2 weeks out. I think the only way to cope is to train for a marathon. Lol I’m sure I’ll be stopping by G9 practices in the meantime. Thanks for everything you guys. Love, Lynne

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      We’ll be rooting for you Lynne!

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      Thank you for sharing Lynne. We miss you at G9 and we are looking forward to you returning soon…

      Love to you and your family.

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      Yes, indeed – what Jeremy and Sue said!!!

      and may the solstice help with the healing (can’t hurt, right?!?)

      see you soon, love, kelly

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      Thanks you guys! I’m getting all my scans this week, cancer surgery mid January. Ankle is still sore but am going to get off my duff and ride my indoor bike while I wait to run. I miss running and miss you all. I’ll be back!! Thanks so much for your support! Love, Lynne

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