G9 Quarter and Half Marathon October 31st – 7:00am!

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      Good morning. I hope everyone is excited about our events tomorrow. The start time is 7:00 am UNLESS you will be racing 2+ hours. I suggest considering starting at 6:30 am if you may want to go longer. It will be dark at the start of the race and a headlamp can be helpful. The moon will be full and the skies will be clear!

      Route: We will start at the Church Lane entrance and run to the Tapp Road entrance (the distance is approximately 2.5 miles). There are signs on the Clear Creek Trail delineating each quarter mile. We will do two laps (approximately) 10 miles plus a shorter last loop turning around at the 1.5 mile sign. For the people doing the quarter marathon, I would suggest one lap ~ 5 miles plus a shorter last loop turning around at the 1.25 mile sign. Please stop and look both ways at the road crossings. Please press lap on your watch at the end of the race if you choose to add additional running to reach 13.1 miles. Remember, every watch GPS may record a different distance which is why we choose our course in advance and race to the course/time and not our watches!

      Hydration: We will leave two cases of water at each end of the trail. Please carry with you any nutrition that you might need. Thank you in advance for choosing not to litter and being respectful of the other people using the trail.

      Pacing: I find the first 2.5 miles to be ever so slightly uphill. Your pace will be a bit slower with turn arounds and traffic crossings. I want tomorrow to be a fun celebration of the work you have done to get to this point in the year, despite the raving lunacy around us. My goal is that you celebrate your fitness and live to run another day! Our event is not worth getting injured. Everyone has done such a great job staying healthy and our number one goal is to keep running. Please moderate your effort as appropriate for you.

      Costumes: Recommended but not required!

      Temps: Starting temp tomorrow will be in the low 30’s with little wind. A good rule of thumb, if you will be running fast, is to dress for temps in the low 50’s (add 20 degrees to starting temp).

      It has been a difficult period for our families, our community and our country. Gate 9 has been a place of joy, friendship, and hope for me, even when I am getting my ass handed to me. Thank you all for making my days and my running better.

      Have a mantra. Choose how you will race. And go get your race!

      No easy way.

      P.S. There is a thread on G9 hats in the Forum. Please let me know if you want one!

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      Best wishes to all the runners! Go get your PR!


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      This is great information! I’m getting there early with Mary. Thanks for giving us this race to look forward to and for being the ring leader of this awesome circle of friends.

      See you all tomorrow!
      (Mike bought me a hat with a light and reflectors. I might go as a school crossing guard. Haha)

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      Can’t wait!

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