G9 5K Results

Great race this morning everyone! The “my skin is on fire” heat and humidity made this one very challenging. I was impressed with everyone choosing to toe the line and give it their best effort, on a not so flat course, despite the conditions. You worked hard this month and earned your fast times.

And without further delay, this month’s winner of the 5K was, insert drum roll, Teresa Kase! She beat Tim Shier by 11 seconds. Way to go Teresa!

Next up? Our first G9 10K on September 24th starting at 6am. We are going to shake this one up a bit! There is a new running path on Fee and we will roll some loops of the IU athletic campus for some of the miles and then finish with a few loops of G9.

Please let me know if there are any errors or changes that need to be made below! There is no easy way, but it is always better together…

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