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May I please start the “favorite run” submissions? It’s the donut run.

There’s a Sunday morning running group that seems to be in a covid-induced pause these days, but I’m guessing that Team Brilliant will emerge, and return to some long, slow, distance when the time is right. I’ve been with the group when we did a donut run. Here’s the deal – bring a few bucks, and plot a route that leads to pastry. When performed locally, the classic donut run should probably include both Cresent Donut Shop, and Square Donut Shop, but really, there’s no incorrect way to do a donut run, unless you somehow neglect to stop for donuts. That is an essential component… it’s not just running by a donut shop or bakery or coffee (and bagel) shop, it’s the running AND the consumption of elective calories, with like-minded persons.