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I currently have 3 Garmin watches: Forerunner 35, Forerunner 935, and Vivoactive 4S.

The 35 was my first running watch. It’s super simple… no bells and whistles… but it’s been great and I still use it. It’s about the cheapest Garmin watch there is and if you’re ok with just the basic stats during your run then it’s great.

The 935 is solid… kinda just the 35 on steroids. Fancier screen and more doo-dads. I got this one and have used it about a month, but then decided I really wanted a watch that I could load music onto too.

So I got the Vivoactive 4S. I’ve only used it a few times but I really like it so far. It has a touch screen, which I definitely don’t need on my watch, but I’ve found I like it fine. It seems to have most of the same doo-dads as the 935 but now I can listen to music while running without having to strap my phone to me.

That’s what I’ve got. If you think you’d like the 935 ok, you can have mine. I really don’t need 3 watches, and it’s basically brand new. Or if you’d even just like to try it out, just let me know.